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Driving etiquette.

• It is polite to wave, thanks to drivers for giving way
• Wave to acknowledge the thanks.
• Give way to oncoming traffic when the obstruction is your side of the road.
• Give way to uphill traffic.
• On single track roads pull in to a passing space on the left to allow oncoming traffic to pass.
• Be patient when other cars are manoeuvring.
• When you are manoeuvring, give way to other road users.
• Wave thanks to patient road users.
• Give way to buses pulling out.
• Give cyclist plenty of room.
• Give way to horses.
• Allow plenty of room when passing horses.
• Do not Rev the engine or sound the horn near horses.
• Do not sound your horn when stationary unless in an emergency.
• Be patient when other drivers make mistakes.

Stay safe and enjoy your driving.