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How to avoid accidents in traffic queues

A common accident on UK roads is: a car going into the back of another car at traffic lights or in traffic queues.
If you get hit from behind when stationary it can cause you a whiplash injury and damage your car. Even though it’s not your fault, it is not a nice experience.
There are steps you can take to reduce the chance of being hit from behind. Here are ten tips to keep you safe.

1. look ahead
2. read the road situation
3. anticipate developing situations
4. expect a green traffic light to change
5. approach traffic lights at a speed that you are able to stop
6. anticipate the actions of other road users
7. check your mirrors so that you aware of what’s going on behind you and around you
8. use progressive braking
9. make sure your exit is clear before proceeding
10. expect others to change lane or suddenly stop

If you spot the problems up ahead early you can check your mirrors and brake progressively. Your brake lights will give the drivers behind an early warning.
Avoid sudden braking.
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