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How to avoid road rage

When another driver causes you to take evasive action to avoid a collision:

• Stay calm
• Accept the fact that drivers make mistakes
• Don’t get angry at the other driver – (this is stress you don’t need)
• Be happy that you avoided a collision – (say to yourself “well done me”)
• Take a deep breath
• Concentrate on the road ahead
• Drive defensively – anticipate situations before they develop
• Be proactive in avoiding accidents
• Enjoy your driving

What to do in a road rage situation

Situation: An angry driver gets out of his car and approaches your car in a rage:

• Lock your doors
• Close your windows
• If possible drive away
• If you can’t drive away
• Do not exit your car
• If the attacker is threatening you with violence
• Call the police
• If you have no phone, honk your horn to attract attention to passers by
• Do not engage in conversation with the attacker
• Stay calm ignore attacker until he goes away or you can drive away or help arrives

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• An angry driver attacks you through your car window
• An angry driver pulls you out of your car