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How to improve your speed awareness

Speed Awareness
Many motorists get caught by speed cameras every day. If you are caught speeding you will receive a fine and penalty points on your licence. This is both inconvenient and costly and could ultimately get you off the road. Speeding can also cause accidents which can cause damage, injury or even death.

Ten tips to improve your speed awareness and stay safe

1. Always be aware of the speed limit and your speed
2. Regularly check your speedometer – stay within the speed limit
3. Every time you turn into a new road – call out the speed limit & check your speedometer
4. Every time the speed limit changes (traffic signs) – call out the speed limit & check your speedometer
5. On approach to a lower speed limit – get your speed down before the sign
6. On approach to a higher speed limit – don’t speed up until you pass the sign
7. After driving on fast roads – check your speedometer
8. Drive at a safe speed for road and traffic conditions
9. On rural roads you need to be able to stop within the distance you can see to be clear
10. On the open road keep a two second gap between you and the car in front