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Motorway/Advanced Lessons – the benefits

Motorway/Advanced lessons

2 hours £120

Motorway Lessons

  • Learn how to drive safely on Motorways.
  • Build your confidence on motorways
Advance Course

  • Learn advanced defensive driving skills to be safer on the road..
  • Improve your awareness to avoid accidents.
  • Improve your speed awareness to avoid speeding fines.
  • Learn how to deal with different road and weather conditions safely.
  • Learn how to drive safely on rural roads.
  • Learn how to drive safely on Motorways.
  • Polish your skills and become a more confident driver

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Pete's training style is a compliment to him, clear, precise and easy to understand.

Sadie Mathew

Learning to drive with Pete made it easy to pass my test first time!

Ollie Blowes

I would like to say thank you so much for being an amazing instructor, who believed in me and gave me the confidence to pass my test.


Pete supported me to pass my first test with him with no minor faults!

Giles Coutinho

A1 driving school had me feeling at ease in no time.

Daniel Snelling

Pete let me learn at my pace. He only pushed me when it was needed.

Lucie Thompson

Learning to drive with Pete was quick, fun and easy!

Aiden Thomas