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Rural roads

Hazards on rural roads
• Sharp bends
• Slippery road surface
• Flooded roads
• Pot holes
• Debris in the road
• High hedgerows
• Narrow roads
• Pedestrians in the road
• Wild animals in the road
• Farm animals in the road
• Horses and riders in the road
• Slow moving agricultural vehicles
• Oncoming traffic

Some Cause of accidents on rural roads
• Driving too fast for road conditions
• Overtaking to near a bend
• Too fast into a bend
• Not considering other road users
• Not reading road conditions

Driving tips
1. Drive at a Safe speed – you need to be able to stop within the distance you can see is clear.
2. Drive at an appropriate speed for road & weather conditions
3. Slow down and change down for sharp bends
4. Don’t be forced to drive faster by aggressive drivers behind you, slow down to allow them to pass you
5. Look ahead – look for hazards
6. Give horse riders and cyclists plenty of room.
7. Anticipate the actions of other road users
8. Always check it is safe before you overtake slower vehicles (is the road ahead clear? Is there anyone overtaking you?)
9. Always check it is safe before you steer around pot holes and obstacles (is the road ahead clear? Is there anyone overtaking you?)
10. Expect oncoming traffic to swerve around obstacles in the road
11. When the oncoming traffic is slow moving’ other vehicles may overtake them
12. On single track roads look ahead for oncoming traffic. Be prepared to pull over to the left into a passing space on the left or opposite a passing space on the right. If visibility is poor due to high hedgerows or bends in the road toot the horn as a warning of your presence. Listen for horns and oncoming traffic. At night time flash the main beam instead of the horn.