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Rush hour driving

Stay safe in heavy traffic.
When you are in a traffic queue the traffic may suddenly stop. Keep your eyes on the road. Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front. There may be traffic waiting to join the queue from a side road. If the traffic is crawling it’s OK to let one car out. Make eye contact with the driver in the side road so that it is clear that you are allowing him out. Do not wave traffic out.
There may be oncoming traffic and vehicles overtaking. Look out for motorcycles or cyclists filtering through the traffic.
Leave enough room for long vehicles to swing out at junctions.
Give way to busses pulling out.
When the traffic is moving slowly pedestrians may attempt to cross the road.
Do not block junctions, crossings, “KEEP CLEAR” road markings or box junctions.

Rush hour, driving tips
Be alert
Look out for motorcycles & cyclists
• Keep your eyes on the road
• Keep a safe gap in traffic
• Make eye contact to allow traffic out
Do not direct traffic
• Use all mirrors
• Keep junctions clear
• Keep crossings clear

Look out for
• Motorcycles filtering
• Cyclists
• Pedestrians crossing
• Traffic stopping
• Vehicles changing lanes
• Vehicles pulling out
• Large vehicles swinging out
• Buses pulling out
• Delivery drivers walking around vans

Pay attention to
• Road markings
• Traffic signs
• Traffic lights
• Pedestrian crossings