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Think BIKE

Think bike A1 driving school newburyWhen driving you should ‘Think BIKE’ and look out for cyclists giving them plenty of room.

If you hit a cyclist, you can do a lot of damage. You could scratch your paintwork or even dent a panel on your car. Not to mention you may seriously injure the cyclist and damage the cycle.

When driving a car it is your responsibility to be a safe driver. You need to be aware of other road users and not put them in danger. You need to anticipate the actions of other road users and be proactive in avoiding accidents. You need to be particularly aware of vulnerable road users e.g. pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists. You should check your mirrors before changing speed or direction. The mirrors have a blind spot which must be checked when pulling out and when changing lane. When manoeuvring you need to look where you are going and look around for other road users. You don’t have priority!

Bikes are harder to see
Bikers are vulnerable

When emerging at a T-Junction, if the traffic has stopped to let you out, look for bikes filtering through the traffic.

If someone flashes their lights or beckons you out. Don’t trust them. It’s not their responsibility to make sure it’s safe for you to pull out. Look for bikes. Look right & left. Move your head to see past the door pillar.

Turning left – Check your main and left mirror. Look for cyclists passing on the left.
Turning right – Check main and right mirror. Look for bikes overtaking

Approaching a busy roundabout – Heavy traffic on a roundabout may come to a stop because an exit is blocked. Bikes may still be moving on the roundabout. Look ahead, glance right. Moving eyes, moving head, look for bikes.

In the wrong lane – Never suddenly change lane. Always check its safe and signal.
Changing lanes – main mirror- side mirror, blind spot. Look for bikes that may be filtering through the traffic.
In heavy traffic – look for bikes filtering through the traffic. (In-between the lanes)
When joining a dual carriageway or motorway – look for bikes
Think Bike!

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