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Tips on passing the driving theory test.

• Study “The Official Highway Code”
• Learn and understand the rules of the road
• Study “The Official DVSA Guide to driving – the essential skills

At the test
• Read the full question
• Read all of the answers
• Read the question again, then answer
• If you are unsure, don’t waste time. Flag the question and move on.
• When you have answered the last question. Review flagged questions
• Carefully read the question and answer it
• When you have answered all flagged questions, review all questions
• Do not rush through, checking answers and changing answers
• Take your time to carefully read the question and check your answer
• Only change your answer if you are sure
• It is better to carefully check a few questions and answers than to rush the whole lot
• When time is up, end test

Be prepared and you won’t need good luck to pass the test.