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Winter driving

In Winter, when it is cold & frosty, it is essential to properly defrost your car before setting off.

Start the engine, switch the heaters and air-conditioning on for warm air to blow onto the windscreen and into the car. The temperature will increase quickly, defrosting all the windows.

Do not leave the car unattended. It is illegal to leave the car unattended with the engine running. If your car is stolen with the keys left in the ignition, your insurance company will probably not pay out.

Before driving in poor weather conditions:-
Use an ice scraper
Make sure all lights and windows and number plates are clean and clear of ice and snow.
Remove snow from the roof as this could fall onto the windows.

Check lights are working
Check tyres, condition and pressure
Check windscreen wipers & blades are working & in good condition
Check washers are working ( Use winter windscreen wash)
Check brakes are working

Before a long journey, also check
Check fuel level
Check oil level
Check coolant and antifreeze level
Plan your route
Check traffic & weather news
Give someone a copy of your planned route and eta

Driving in bad weather
Drive slower
Be extra vigilant
Allow extra time for your journey
Drive slower
Brake early
Avoid sudden braking
Drive with dipped headlights on

Avoid travelling in extreme weather conditions
It is always a good idea to have breakdown recovery and have a mobile phone with you.

Good things to have in the car, in extremely bad weather conditions
Ice scraper
Waterproof high Vis jacket & leggings
Food & water
Mobile phone